Promote comprehension of scientific issues related to human health by offering educational activities to the population at large.


To complete this mission, the Museum’s staff have set several objectives for themselves.

  • Disseminate and popularize scientific knowledge to promote comprehension of the important issues related to human, animal, and environmental health..
  • Broaden the scientific and technical knowledge of the general population, particularly among young people, to help them develop their critical and civic thinking on important health issues.
  • Offer stimulating activities and experiences to encourage citizens to take strong actions beneficial to their health and the environment.
  • Act as an educational and recreational meeting place, favoring exchanges between the general public, researchers, students, and industry.
  • Generate interest among young people for in scientific careers in health, so they may contribute to the economic and social development of Quebec.
  • Inspire the commitment of public and privates partners to disseminate scientific knowledge related to human, animal, and environmental health..
  • Introduce Dr. Armand-Frappier’s work, notably by collecting, conserving, and showcasing objects that bear witness to his life.


Popularizing sciences related to human health is a passion for the team at the Armand-Frappier Museum! We do this with much concern for scientific rigor and comprehensibility. Please note, however, that our disseminated content by no means constitutes medical advice. This type of advice should only be offered by a health professional.