Sustainable Development

Sustainable development: our commitment

The Armand-Frappier Museum is an informal and entertaining educational environment; it aims to foster a greater understanding of the life sciences and inspire a passion for learning for the benefit of all. In keeping with its mission, the Armand-Frappier Museum recognizes the importance of sustainable development and is committed to integrating it at all levels of its organization.

In concrete terms, the Armand-Frappier Museum is committed to:

  • Raising public awareness and informing the population regarding the life sciences;
  • Continuing to develop its educational services to satisfy its ever-growing clientele;
  • Offering a pleasant environment to its employees, visitors, and partners;
  • Reducing the impact of its activities on the environment by striving to organize eco-responsible events, and by respecting the 4Rs principle regarding the management of raw materials and waste (reduce, reuse, recycle, recover);
  • Making responsible purchases;
  • Respecting the laws;
  • Ensuring a continuous process of improvement by monitoring its sustainable development actions;
  • Having policies, procedures, and action plans integrated into our annual action plans to ensure that our commitment is carried out.