ARMAND-FRAPPIER MUSEUM accepts constructive feedback related to its activities and which are expressed respectfully. These are all read and considered.

In return, we reserve the right to conceal or delete:
  • Any accusation, whether true or false, made against a person or an organization
  • Any offensive, disrespectful, defamatory, obscene, injurious, threatening, aggressive, abusive or hurtful comment made against a person or an organization
  • All incomprehensible or irrelevant comments
  • Any junk mail or comment sent in bulk, because they hinder the free and open exchange of information
  • Any comment with special characters (e.g. !!!!###***!) since it can be subject to different interpretations
  • Any advertising, promotion or solicitation
  • Any comment with privacy information about an employee or citizen
  • Any comment that refers to illegal activities or that encourages the practice of such or that violates any law, regulation or governmental order, or that promotes false, misleading or illegal information or illegal conduct, or incites violence

Content authors that do not comply with this policy can be banned from this page or could see their publication limited.

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