Classroom workshops

Scientific workshops in the classroom

  • Activities moderated on-site to discover or expand your knowledge of the fascinating world of bioscience.
  • Choose from among several thematic topics designed to enrich your science courses at the preschool, primary school or secondary school level.
  • Each workshop includes a thematic presentation (Powerpoint), an interactive game or a scientific experiment.
  • Workshops guided by an enthusiastic scientific moderator using professional didactic material.

Why welcome a moderator ?

  • To participate in an educational activity that is stimulating, fun and significant.
  • To benefit from having scientific and technological content communicated in a popularized manner.
  • To better understand the world in which we live, as much in terms of our daily lives as in terms of bioscience-related news.
  • To have an experience of discovery through activities that call for logic and creativity.

Increased sanitary measures during the COVID-19 pandemic

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