Friends of the museum

Friends of the Museum

The Armand-Frappier Museum invites individuals, couples, families, and businesses to actively support its mission by becoming a friend. As a friend, you will be entitled to the following privileges:

  • Unlimited free admittance to the exhibit halls during opening hours;
  • 5% rebate on registrations for science camps;
  • 20% reduction on educational workshops, moderated visits, and at the Museum’s boutique;
  • Invitation to the ad hoc activities (conferences, chats, science cafés) and to the special events;
  • Receipt, in electronic version, of the Annual Report and of the Museum’s Newsletter;
  • Free admittance to more than 30 museums and Canadian science centres, members of the CASC (the list of members and conditions are available on their website).

The Museum continues to pursue other ways of enhancing the advantages it offers its friends. Therefore, please note that theses privileges may be modified without prior notification.


  • Rates for individuals: $35 for two years.
  • Rates for families: $80 for two years.

Because friends of the Museum receive some advantages, the Museum is unable to issue income tax receipts for this contribution. The Museum can, however, issue receipts for the donations it receives.

Become a friend of the Museum

Online registration and payment by check, debit, or credit card accepted.

For more information, do not hesitate to call us at 450-686-5641 extension 4676.