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Video sequence showing the principles of functioning of various apparatus found in a cell culture room.

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Cell culture room

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Véronique Bougie

This is a cell culture lab. In the cell culture lab, we use specific instruments to cultivate cells and one of the instruments is an incubator using carbon dioxide. This incubator has specific amounts of carbon dioxide and oxygen as well as humidity to allow cells to grow and proliferate so we can have a specific amount. So in this incubator we have our cells bathing in a broth containing nutriments that will enable them to grow. After this we work under a sterile hood, which is called a laminar flow hood. This hood is specific to cell culture because the airflow that is inside the hood is separate from the outside air to prevent cell contamination. We can work in a laminar flow hood to do specific things with cells like transferring them to a tube to be centrifuged. Using a sterile pipette and a micro pipetter, we can use this to obtain the cells from our flask and transfer them into a tube. After that I can obtain the cells that are in the tube with other instruments that I will show you later. After obtaining my cells by centrifugation, I can do other work in the lab.