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Video sequence showing the principles of functioning of an automatic sampler.

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Automatic sampler

© Nicole Catellier, Cinémanima

Véronique Bougie

When you are trying to isolate new bacteria on these agar plates and identify new enzymes, you don’t want to do it by hand because it will take you way too long. So, in this laboratory we have a robotic platform, a re-picking platform that will enable us to do this in a very short time. We simply place our plates on the robot, and it will do this re-picking itself. The robot will pick the agar plates and will place each colony into a well that we see here.

Now that the robot has re-picked my colonies into these wells we need to let them grow. This will take about 24 hours at a temperature of 37°C, so we take our plates and bring them to the incubator and leave them overnight. So I will see you all tomorrow morning.

24 hours later…

All right, so my bacteria have grown overnight, now it’s time to analyze them, I have put some bar code on my plates so the computer can identify them and I can get my results. I just have to put my plates in there…

All right, now it’s time to let the robot do its job.

After the robot did its job, my computer analyzed the results. It’s a good thing I had a lot of bacteria to analyze because I only found 2 positives.