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Video sequence showing the principles of functioning of the mass spectrometer.

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Mass spectrometer

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Véronique Bougie: Hi doctor!

Doctor François Lépine: Hi Véronique!

Véronique Bougie: I just got my molecules from my bacteria and I’d like to measure them with the mass spectrometer. How does it work?

Doctor François Lépine: Well you’ll have to put the sample in the injector and then will separate the various components of the mixture. We will then separate them and ionize them, and quantitate them with the machine.

Doctor François Lépine: So as you can see, the auto-sampler will pick up the sample, it will bring it to the injection port where a small amount will be picked up and injected into this column. In the column the various components of the mixture will be separated and they will be brought into this tubing up to the ion source. At this level the various molecules will be ionized and sent into the mass spectrometer. The mass spectrometer will then analyze the various compounds according to their mass.

Doctor François Lépine: Here are your results.

Véronique Bougie: Oh thank you! I will go analyze this! Have a good day!

Doctor François Lépine: See you!