Research laboratory

Analysis instruments

The computer and the Internet: tools that have revolutionized laboratory research!

The arrival of computers and the Internet has accelerated the search for information on specific subjects and the compilation of results. As a result, the process of discovery has also been greatly accelerated.

Furthermore, computerization of laboratory equipment increases the precision of the instruments, allows us to interpret a larger quantity of data, and increases the speed of execution.

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Paper documentation

In Dr Frappier’s day, discoveries and results of experiments of other researchers were published in paper format in scientific journals. Dr Frappier used this black leather briefcase to carry journals to his home to keep abreast of international discoveries and to prepare for writing bibliographies.

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An object of the recent past, the typewriter reminds us that the work of a secretary consisted mostly of typing.

© Barbara Bélanger, Armand-Frappier Museum


A computer is a multifunctional device for the researcher. It stores information (text, images, databases) and can be linked to several databases connected to the Internet network. It therefore facilitates the analysis of many data such as DNA or protein sequences.

The computer can also be linked to an experimental device assisted by a computer program that allows the device to function automatically and analyses and interprets the transmitted results.